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…New Guyana Secondary excels, cops top prizesBy Suraj NarineDefined as a ground-breaking, informative and exciting event, the Children Career Day Competition,China NFL Jerseys, after some energetic and exciting presentations, concluded on Friday.The event was organised by Assured Services; a small business company that provides professional business services in the areas such as Marketing, Public Relations, Data Entry, Research & Analysis and Graphic Designs. Other Government and business entities also played the role of sponsor of the event.Entities such as Ansa McAl, Unicomer Guyana Incorporated, the Ministry of Education, New India Assurance and Sterling Products Limited were on board.The affair was organised with one goal in mind – to sensitise students of the challenges that may be encountered in the vast professional world ahead.The competition was launched at the National Library on January 21, 2016, and saw as many as 65 students from 30 schools across the spectrum being given the opportunity to compete.Following the launch, there were two preliminaries, one held on January 28 and the other, the day after.Students chose professions in areas such as Agronomy, Medicine, Farming, Neurology, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Acting, and Food and Nutrition.The competition was divided into two age categories – 11-13 years and 14-16 – and comprised two segments, the demonstration and interview.Last Friday, the finals were hosted at the Theatre Guild on Parade Street, Kingston, which saw a jam-packed auditorium, as family members, friends and well-wishers turned out to offer support.A total of 22 participants competed in the finals; 11 in each category. Prizes were awarded for 1st to 3rd places. There was also a special prize for the ‘Most Enthusiastic Competitor’.DEVELOPING THE NATION THROUGH EDUCATIONDelivering remarks at the final was the event’s organiser and Manager of Assured Services, Natheeah King-Mendonca.In a nutshell, the young visionary stated that the Career Day was conceptualised to provide the basic necessity in preparing secondary school graduates for the challenges that lie ahead in the professional world and through the changes brought about by the impact of the local, regional and global economies on the labour market.“We at Assured believe that at this stage of your lives, exposure to an event like this, is an opportunity to provide you with information and guidance as you grow, towards making career choices or knowing what you want to be when you get older,”“We recognized the need and understand the importance of an activity like this, and decided to play our part in developing the nation through education, and that is to highlight various career paths that children may want to choose and to guide their thinking toward making a decision for the future,” King-Mendonca asserted.Category winners Shamal Khan (left) and Patrick Thompson with the competition’s coordinator.Aspiring Aeronautical Engineer Shamal Khan, winner of the 14-16 years category, during his practical demonstration.She asked the students in the audience, “Children, we know that you have dreams, but have you ever thought of how those dreams will be realized? Have you asked yourself where you are going to be in the next five or 10 years from now? What will you be doing from eight to four or nine to five each day? In what sphere will you work? Have you asked yourself those questions as yet? Or, let me make it a bit simpler,Cheap Manchester City Soccer Jerseys, have you thought of what you want to become when you are finished school (or) what are your objectives in life?”Pausing a while to let it sink in, King-Mendonca went on to say, “I have news for you, now is the time to decide, seek information and guidance, because I will tell you this: it’s either you think about your career beforehand – which is now – or you may graduate and still wondering what exactly is your calling. And when you can’t figure it out, then you will start to complain about everything and blame everyone.”King-Mendonca also advised them that as young people, there is a need to start early and remain humble,NFL Jerseys China, to understand their skills, to explore, to do what they are passionate about, to get a range of perspectives but to keep their options open.She urged the students to venture into every available avenue where knowledge can be gained.“The internet is available; so read,Cheap NFL Jerseys, network and get information. This will help you to avoid switching and wasting valuable time in your life. Be satisfied with little while wishing for more. As you wish for more, you must work hard to become and not to acquire”In closing, King-Mendonca expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Education for its approval and endorsement. She also extended appreciation to the participating schools, teachers and parents; to the participants, for their willingness to share information about their career, and last but by no means least, to the sponsors for their generous support.“Like us, you (sponsors) believe that an event like this is considered an important component in the goals for children since it can be further developed to meet the expectations of both the public and private sectors within our society.”THE FINAL LAP: WINNERS, PRIZES, TROPHIES AND GOODIESThe finalists then took to the stage dressed to impress in clothing associated with their choice of profession as they stood boldly in front of the audience and a panel of judges, delivering brief descriptions and demonstrations of their chosen careers; inclusive of job responsibilities, qualifications, challenges etc.They were then involved in an interview segment, where experts from the different occupations quizzed the students to test their theoretical knowledge on their career choices.Taking first place in both categories – 11-13 and 14-16 – were aspiring Neurosurgeon, Patrick Thomas and Aeronautical Engineer, Shamal Khan, respectively. The duo represented New Guyana Secondary School and won an amount totalling $175,000 for their school.Latoya DaSilva, the Actress from St. Joseph High got second place in the 11-13 category while runner-up in the 14-16 category, went to hopeful Cardiologist,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Teneisha Thompson from Brickdam Secondary School.Thompson,Cheap Jerseys From China, during her entertaining demonstration, outlined a synopsis of a Cardiologist, but what happened next had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Thompson held up a cow’s heart while comparing it to a human’s heart, she outlined the functions of the organ quite eloquently when she was quizzed by the expert judge.Thompson, like most of her contenders, received a hearty round of applause at the end of her demonstration.Seizing the third place in the 11-13 category was Paediatrician, Shadiamond Assanah from Brickdam Secondary, while third place in the 14-16 category, along with the “Most Enthusiastic Competitor” prize, went to Nutritionist, Arita McGarrel, from Uitvlugt Secondary.Winning special prizes for their performances in the 11-13 category were Farmer, Tagepaul Sookram of Zeeburg Secondary and Social Worker, Mythily Dilchand from the West Demerara Secondary.At the end of the awards ceremony, all finalists were given a Certification of Participation.Although the competition has concluded, one would agree that over the duration of the affair, it was nothing short of spectacular, as it portrayed the talent, ambition and the frame of mind present in some of our youths today.While the competition undoubtedly had an impact on the participants, it also inspired many onlookers who marvelled at the various demonstrations unfolding before their eyes.While many sat in the auditorium with smiles on their faces, others threw their fists in the air accompanied by frequent rounds of applause after their colleagues give an appropriate answer to the judges’ questions.During the wrap-up session, Kaieteur News met with several observers who expressed their gratitude towards the various entities who would have in some way, contributed to making the competition a success. It is hoped by many that in the future, more events of this nature will be held.While the participants might have headed home with their trophies and prizes, others in the auditorium would have left with a spark of enthusiasm and the desire of making an appearance next year.