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Believing that successful ‘high-profiled’ people are guaranteed immunity from domestic violence is like believing esteemed people are magically protected from the dangers of other drivers on the road,Cheap NFL Jerseys, airborne pathogens from a stranger’s sneeze or even the sting of a mosquito.Nicole Cole, Commissioner on WGECDomestic violence knows no boundaries. It affects women across every description of race, age,Wholesale Jerseys, class, socio-economic or educational status, sexual orientation, demography, geography, ideology, disability or theology.Beyond race,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, class or creed, two of out every three woman have suffered from domestic violence in Guyana. This is the assertion made from studies conducted by Red Thread, one of the bodies that combat social ills in society.Domestic violence has been dealing society some detrimental blows. For this year, 17 women have met their demise as a result of domestic violence. Even though hundreds of women go to police stations and report assault, there are many who still ‘suffer in silence.’Ms. Nicole Cole, Commissioner on the Women Gender and Equality Commission,Jerseys From China, has declared that society is dealing with a sore, a cancer. She claims that Guyana is faced with a public health phenomenon that has to be addressed from that angle.She lamented that there are many who believe that it is embarrassing to be a victim, failing to realise that it is the perpetrator who should be ashamed. Many people who hold esteemed positions are often afraid to come forth and report these matters to the relevant authorities, Cole stated.Speaking on abuse on high profiled women, Cole said that the Commission is willing to listen to the complaints of those who would otherwise be afraid to make reports to police stations. The Commissioner affirmed that whether it’s a high profile woman or an ordinary woman, all cases of women being abused by their spouses, should be dealt with expeditiously.According to Cole, a “high-profile” woman is defined as one who is “living it up” as society’s role models. They are the women held in high esteem; the ones that are often emulated. She commended a former First Lady who claimed to have been abused by her husband. “There are many persons not willing to come out and stand with her. Some may be afraid to come out despite her status,” Cole added.However, she said that what can happen with a high profile woman who has been abused, is that you can have real changes coming within certain laws and regulation. “Just like in Animal Farm. There are some who are equal and then there are some who are more equal than some. Sometimes, we can’t run away from the strata in society.”“When you have violent cases of high profile women, it changes your perception but then it gives you an idea of what’s going on. At work, they can put on a smile and we think all is well. But really behind the scene they are experiencing a tough time with the men in their lives,” she commented.Cole believes, “In society most times, when you see that the abuse has come to the fore, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened all the time, it just means that its severity has escalated and it makes the news. In reality,Kyrie Irving Jersey, it happens every day.”The Commissioner believes that Guyana is seeing an increase in the phenomenon. She added that Justice Roxanne George advocated that for Guyana to fight against Domestic Violence “we should mirror the efforts made to tackle HIV/Aids.”“We need to use the same strategies as that fight if we are getting anywhere,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” said Cole.When speaking on the fears of the high profiled woman, Cole lamented that “perhaps because in her professional operations she performs well and is serious in conducting her duties, people expect her to deal with her intimate relationship; they expect it to be passion and fever with her most intimate partner.”The Commissioner stated that these women fear the libelous comments that will be coming her way. They are afraid of ridicule and rejection as well as labeling and having it thrown back at them. She said that women who have been maimed and hurt are categorized.She said however that the Commission through a project they call “Access to Justice” has been going all over the country, telling people to speak up and stand up. She has called for more women to break free from the taboo and come forth to the commission. They confidentially receive complaints. “If they cannot find trust in any of the agencies, then they can contact us.”Despite having to go through the procedure, there are bodies that will assist. “To those high profile women who are seeking a way out, the WGEC is the right place for them to go and tell their story,” Cole said as she urged women to be each other’s keeper.The Commissioner lashed out against matters like that being kept private. “The private is public when it comes to domestic violence. It becomes very public when someone dies at the hand of domestic violence.”She took a moment to commend the work of the commission saying that it is perhaps their passionate advocacy that is pushing it forward. “If they come and complain, it has to be forwarded to the police. They do not have a place set up for battered women but we have shelters around,” Cole added.If more persons in esteemed position speak out, it’s possible for a psychological turn around for people. People become propelled to come and speak out and she expressed expectations of significant changes by mid next year in the impact of Domestic Violence act and ensuring access to justice are more expeditious.“We must find ways to be a society that doesn’t resort to violence. We must be a society that reasons more. We are so intolerant and apathetic now but we need to find ways to communicate,” she said.The commissioner advises, “God has blessed you to survive your ordeal because you have a purpose. Pick up the pieces, go forward and help to fight to eliminate Domestic Violence. Help in the fight with the struggle.”

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