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A contractor accused of assaulting his wife on Saturday night was yesterday remanded to prison,Cheap Jerseys Store, by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.Tundai Trotman, 30,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, of Tucville Terrace,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, pleaded guilty to a charge, which stated that he unlawfully assaulted his wife Nicola Valenzuela.Police Prosecutor Stephen Telford told the court that Trotman came home and saw his wife on her cellular phone.Telford said that Trotman enquired from his wife,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, who she was talking to and she told him a “friend”.However the husband did not believe so he grabbed her handbag and began searching for any numbers he could call back.The prosecutor noted that Valenzuela tried to get her handbag back, but she was warned against doing so by her husband.When she insisted that she wanted her bag, Trotman allegedly armed himself with a knife and slashed his wife to her head.She was taken to hospital, and her husband was arrested and charged with the present offence.When asked by the magistrate if he had anything to say, Trotman told the magistrate that on Saturday night he came home,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, and his wife was having a conversation on the phone.The man said that he enquired from his wife, who she was talking to and she said a friend.He said that he grabbed the phone and copied the number and tried calling it back, but no one answered.“My worship I collect the phone and called back the number, but no one answered so I grabbed her bag and looked for another number to call,Wholesale Jerseys 2018,” Trotman said.The husband further told the magistrate that after he took the bag away from his wife, she was insisting that he hand it over.“I told her to back off and she said no, I told her that I would hit her and she said do it so I did it” Trotman said.The husband lamented the fact that he gives his wife 75 percent of all his earnings and yet still she is not pleased.Trotman was remanded to prison and is scheduled to make another court appearance on February 24.

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