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The man who police have held in connection with the brutal murder of Nandy Park resident Travis Rudder has been described as a “terror” in the Kaneville area and a dangerous “hit man”.Beepat TaijramTravis RudderGladstone GeorgeThe suspect,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, whose name was given as Orpheus Johnson is staring at,China Jerseys, at least, two murder charges,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, including the killing of Gladstone George, who was killed in a mini bus at Agricola a little over two months ago.Johnson was nabbed on Sunday last while attempting to board a mini bus. At the time he had in his possession an unlicenced firearm.Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed last night that Johnson is well known to law enforcement authorities and has “a rap sheet that is long as the Nile River.”He was fingered as one of the triggermen in last month’s slaying of Rudder, who was gunned down while sleeping with his reputed wife and their 16-month-old son.The Crime Chief also confirmed that Johnson was positively identified as the shooter in the murder of George, who was killed shortly after boarding a bus.And as if that is not enough,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he is also linked to the murder of ex-policeman Beepat Taijram, called ‘Biggs’ 28 of Albouys Street, Albouystown, who was shot dead earlier this year while driving a mini bus along the Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara.Johnson’s criminal career dated way back to 2009 when he along with another man faced multiple charges, including murder.One of the charges read that at Grove,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, East Bank Demerara, Johnson, being armed with a gun, robbed Neeparam Nambudhoo of a cell phone and a ring.During his arraignment before then Chief Magistrate Mellissa Robertson,Cheap Jerseys China, it was further alleged that at Kaneville, Johnson murdered Brendon Charles.Johnson’s rap sheet also contained the attempted murder of Krishna Persaud, who was shot in his left hip and upper abdomen during a confrontation with gunmen.Johnson somehow managed to get off from the charges.This time around investigators are almost certain that they have enough evidence to put Johnson away.

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