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作者: yueyrt1Xdh    時間: 2018-3-13 12:34     標題: Cheap Jerseys From China when going on a scene

In response to the demand made by residents of hinterland communities, Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, yesterday commissioned three fire-fighting vehicles and a quantity of related equipment. The ceremonial handing over took place at the National Park tarmac,NFL Jerseys From China, with Fire Chief Marlon Gentle receiving the keys.Fire Chief Marlon Gentle receiving the keys to the tenders from Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee at the National Park tarmac yesterday.The Minister cited last year’s fire at Mahdia that resulted in the total destruction of 23 buildings and damaged seven others, leaving 74 persons homeless, and said that his Ministry found it urgent to put measures in place so as to not leave that and other communities vulnerable.This newspaper understands that the fleet and related equipment cost the government some $47M.Rohee said that with the rapid expansion of Lethem and other hinterland communities, his ministry recognized the need to make necessary interventions with regards to the budget allocation to ensure that the Guyana Fire Service is “properly equipped.”Acknowledging customary accusations made against the Fire Service, Rohee said that though he finds it “very unlikely that a fire service acting in a professional manner would allow a truck to proceed to a scene without water”,Cheap Sports Jerseys, his ministry is working on ensuring that such accusations can no longer be madeHe said that in the near future, each truck, when going on a scene, will be followed by a Bowser “those big tanks that are seen racing behind a fire truck.”Noting the mission statement, that reads; “the Guyana Fire Service is committed to the protection of life and property from destruction by fire, attending to other disaster-related emergencies and the rendering of humanitarian services in collaboration with other relevant agencies”,Supply NFL Jerseys, Rohee said that the fire service not only has a duty to extinguish a fire, but has been mandated a humanitarian duty.In that regard,Wholesale Jerseys USA, the Minister said that he plans to reintroduce an ambulance service within the Guyana Fire Service,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, so that it will have appropriate means to transport an injured person.Also, his ministry is moving in the direction of having a Marine fire-fighting division.Rohee disclosed that the fire service has 507 members, while Cabinet has approved the recruitment of 84 ranksThe Minister disclosed that in 1992,Cheap Nike Shox, the Fire Service was equipped with two tenders and one pick-up as opposed to now, with 37 fire tenders, five pick-ups, three minibuses and one canter truck.

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