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作者: Opixm8z0    時間: 2019-2-26 08:29     標題: Wholesale Shoes Cheap

About 17:30 hours yesterday, two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, kicked open the door to a house at Duncan Street,Blake Swihart Jersey, Campbellville,Cheap Hydro Flask, and held the two occupants, Joseph Phillips, 30, of King Edward Street,Cheap Shoes Wholesale China Free Shipping, Albouystown, and Albert Kelair,Fjallraven Backpack Clearance, 49,Stitched NCAA Jerseys, at gunpoint.They then took away $85,000 from their victims and escaped in a waiting taxi.The matter was reported and quick response by the police led to the taxi driver being apprehended at Sheriff Street, Georgetown,Zapatillas Nike Mujer Espa?a, with the motor vehicle.Further investigations led to the arrest of the two other suspects in a house at Dowding Street, Kitty, and the recovery of a toy gun.The two suspects arrested at Dowding Street were positively identified by the victims as the perpetrators and the motor vehicle was identified as the car used by them to escape after the robbery.The three men are in police custody and the motor vehicle has been detained.

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