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The seminar in session last Friday Attracting scores of individuals in leadership capacities, a seminar intended to address the challenges of a changing and complex society through leadership commenced last Thursday at the Regency Suites/Hotel, Hadfield Street, Georgetown.Signalling his satisfaction and embracing the need for such a venture,Air Max 97 Alennus, City Mayor Hamilton Green was one of those addressing the opening of the seminar.The three-day forum which is being led by the renowned Bishop C. Milton Grannum Ed.D., PH.D, continued on Friday last and is expected to be concluded on Tuesday.As the main aim of the seminar, Bishop Grannum said that the seminar will focus extensively on the dynamics of leadership as a means of guiding leaders to the place they are destined to be.And according to Bishop Grannum, the seminar is geared at covering principles on essential topics such as: Who is a Leader and What is Leadership; Developing Effective Leadership Skills and Strategies; Analysing Models of Successful Leadership; Developing, Casting and Managing a Vision; Team Building and Team Management Strategies; How to Release Untapped Leadership Capability; Making Excellence and Integrity a Lifestyle; and the Exciting Rewards of Successful Leadership.The participants, who were drawn from various sects of the society, have the opportunity through the information disseminated to better their leadership skills, whether in a church, business,Soccer Jerseys From China, or in any other environment, the Bishop had related.He said that persons in the capacity of executives, supervisors,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, businessmen or women, heads of organisations and other corporations, pastors, ministry leaders,Cheap NFL Jerseys For Sale, the heads of boards, committees and commissions, could see a massive change in their performances and new growth and opportunities for their future endeavours as leaders.On completion of the seminar, each participant will be afforded a recognised leadership certificate.The Guyana-born Bishop, who resides in the United States of America, holds four graduate degrees,Shoes Nz Sale, among them are two Masters Degrees, a Doctorate Degree in Education, with Honours, and a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy, also with Honours.He is a former lecturer in the Graduate School of Temple University in Philadelphia, U.S.A, and is officially recognised as an International Scholar. In the year 2000, he received the Educator of the Year Award in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.The Bishop is also a Leadership Consultant and Associate Leadership Trainer with Dr. John Maxwell, the founder of Equip International, which is presently training one million executive leaders worldwide.He, along with his wife, Dr Hyacinth Bobb-Grannum, heads the New Covenant Church of Philadelphia, in the United States, which they founded more than two decades ago.Last month the two spearheaded a religious leadership conference at the Georgetown Cricket Club Pavilion, which also saw the attendance of scores of persons.At that forum, which came in wake of the massacres earlier this year, teaching was geared at creating workable strategies to improve the society.That conference saw the attendance of Chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission, Bishop Juan Edghill,Authentic Jerseys Store, Deputy Mayor Robert Williams, and leaders of the Christian, Muslim and Hindu communities.

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