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A former policeman who was charged and acquitted for a double-murder is being sought for questioning into the recent drive-by slaying of five people in Cummings Lodge,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, East Coast Demerara.Kaieteur News understands that investigators have received information that appears to implicate the former cop in the suspected drug-related killing.The same individual had been charged with the double murder of two men,China NFL Hoodies, whose bullet-riddled bodies were found at Iron Punt,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, North West District last year.He was subsequently acquitted.Police had also detained a popular chutney artiste in connection with the Cummings Lodge killings which occurred two Saturdays ago.Commissioner of Police,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Henry Greene,Air Max Canada Sale, had told reporters that the killings appeared to have resulted from a drug deal gone sour.He said that Steve Jupiter and some of his associates were reportedly given some nine kilos of cocaine to deliver to someone,Discount Nike NFL Jerseys, but only handed over two kilos to the person.They then reportedly claimed that the police had seized the rest of the cocaine.

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