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– police warhead found in house  Relatives of “usual criminal suspect” Randy Morris have denied that he attacked ranks with a knife when they went to arrest him last Saturday morning.Morris was shot in his abdomen when police stormed a Quamina Street house in which he and his girlfriend had entered minutes earlier.Police in a statement on Saturday had claimed that about 23:30 hours on Friday, acting on information received, police ranks went to a house at Quamina Street, Georgetown,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, in search of Randy Morris who is required for questioning in relation to a number of armed robberies.According to the police, Morris attacked the ranks with a knife, causing one of them to resort to the use of force and a round was discharged. It grazed Randy Morris to his abdomen.But his relatives are insisting that the now detained man had no weapon when he was confronted by the police.Instead they claimed that Morris’ shooting was uncalled for and the police clearly intended to kill him.To back it up, the warhead, which relatives said was intended to end Morris’ life,Cheap Liverpool Shirts, was recovered in the house and will be handed over to his lawyer,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, Gordon Gilhuys.Morris’ girlfriend told Kaieteur News yesterday that she was with Morris when the police came to her home.She is convinced that at no time did Morris have a weapon in his possession.The warhead that was found in the house where Randy Morris was shot.The woman who asked to remain unnamed said that the police entered her home and found Morris sitting in a chair.She said that the ranks did a routine search of his person and found nothing.The ranks then ordered him to kneel on the floor with his hands on his head.According to the woman the ranks then ransacked the house asking “weh de jewelry and guns deh?”She explained that after questioning her several times, one rank, who she named, called her into the bedroom with another officer but subsequently left. Moments, later she heard that same officer say something and then a gunshot went off.All this time she said, Morris was still kneeling on the floor where they had him with his hand on his head.But when she rushed into the living area where Morris was held, Morris was holding his abdomen and moaning. That is when he told her that the officer had shot him, and that they were trying to kill him. The woman said the police then hollered at Morris saying “shut up. Anybody shoot you?”“He (the policemen) then told me that it was not a gunshot, what I had heard was a taser gun,” the woman continued. She said that she believed what the officer had told her. But after finding a bullet in her home,Adidas NMD R1 Italia, the woman became convinced that the police had shot Morris.According to relatives, after shooting Morris, the police took him to the Brickdam Police Station where he was denied medical attention for several hours.The woman said she believes that the police are victimising Morris because they had previously arrested him for Roger Hinds’ robbery.Morris’ companion said that she is very disappointed in the actions of the police. She said that the officers swarmed her home and were very disrespectful to her and her property.“I am not a wanted woman,Maglia Inter Nuova, and to my knowledge Randy is not wanted. It is wrong the way they entered my home,Cheap Air Max 90 Online, tumbled it and destroyed my belongings,” the woman expressed.She also said that the police mentioned that they were watching Morris for quite some time. “Why then had they not picked him up if they knew where to find him, instead of storming my home and arresting me?”In a telephone conversation with Morris on Saturday last, the man said that police brought businessman Roger Hinds before him who only requested to have his articles returned. Morris said that he believes that Hinds has no idea who robbed him but was only acting according to what the police had told him.

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