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“Be focused,Air Force 1 Australia Womens, concentrate on the subject being written and put in your best efforts so that you can get the best.” This is Education Minister Shaik Baksh’s advice to the approximately 18,Cheap Jerseys Authentic,000 youths writing the National Grade Six Assessment which begins today and concludes tomorrow.This morning’s session English Language papers 1 & 2 will be written followed by the Science Papers 1 & 2 in the afternoon.The minister assured too that “to date all arrangements for the conduct and administration of National Grade Six Assessments are in place” and that all measures to ensure a smooth process is carried out.The exams are being written by students from four hundred and eighty-five (485) schools at three hundred and twenty-eight (328) centres nationwide. Addressing the media yesterday Minister Baksh said in preparation for this assessment, time tables were prepared for each pupil and were sent to the schools in February. Supervisors and invigilators were appointed to conduct the examination at each centre to ensure that the correct procedures for the administration of the examination are followed,Wholesale Jerseys China, and orientation as well as training sessions for supervisors and invigilators were held.Tomorrow during the morning session,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Mathematics papers 1 & 2 will be written, followed by the Social Studies Papers 1 & 2 during the afternoon.After the conduct of the examination, all scripts will be returned to Examinations Division for processing within five days while the results are expected out by the end of June.As well as wishing all the students success in the exams, Minister Baksh also expressed confidence in the process and said that the examination is in the competent hands of Superintendent of Examinations,Nike Shoes Discount Sale, Juliet Persico,Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Sale, who has been in charge of the process for several years.“I’m satisfied with the integrity of examinations and that security measures are in place,” the minister said.While there have been expressed concerns that some students who did not attend lessons are ill-prepared, the Minister said at his level he has not had any reports of such concerns.With respect to extra lessons the minister opined that “it’s a matter of parental choice if students want to take extra lessons. We cannot prevent that from happening but for all intents and purposes most of our schools are prepared.”The Minister noted that there might be instances where a replacement teacher had to be found but it was “nothing too alarming”.  (Mondale Smith)

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