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Two local comedians were forced to flee their home early yesterday morning leaving their two children behind after two men invaded the premises at West Ruimveldt.According to reports, two men, one of whom was armed with a gun attacked Maria Benschop while she was about to enter her Crescent Street, West Ruimveldt home. The incident occurred at around 02:00 hours yesterday. At the time her reputed husband,China Jerseys, Linden ‘Jumbie’ Jones was asleep with their two children in the house.Jones said that Maria was about to enter their drive way when she noticed two men on bicycles acting suspiciously. Fearing for her life Jones said Maria decided to stay in the vehicle until she was comfortable.However, as soon as she exited the vehicle the men pounced on her, taking away a small amount of cash, her Blackberry phone and the car and house keys. The men then ordered Maria to open the door but she initially refused. According to Jones the men then started to physically assault Maria,Cheap Shoes Online Nz, while forcing her to open the door.“By that time I wake up and the entire house was in darkness so I noticed her standing in the living room with two males,Camisetas Del Real Madrid, the place was dark so right away I suspect something so I run to open the back door to get help,Jerseys NFL China,”.Jones said he was forced to ‘scale’ two fences in order to escape and get help for his family. At the time he said their two children were fast asleep.“When I reach at the station I had a while convincing the police to open the gate. Once they open the gate I had another while convincing them that they should visit my home as they keep telling me they didn’t have transportation.”Not long after,Maglia Milan Puma, Jones said,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Maria arrived at the station to report the incident. It was only at that point he realized that she too had fled the house while the men were busy looking for him after realizing that he had escaped via the back door.“She told me that after I left the men ran into the yard looking for me and it was then she got away. And all this time the children were sleeping,”.According to Jones, eventually the police escorted himself and Maria back to the home where they discovered that the entire place had been ransacked. Jones said the men made off with two other cellular phones and a 32-inch LCD Flat screen television set. The matter is being investigated.

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