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By Latoya Giles The preliminary report into the Prittipaul trawler explosion has slammed the seafood company for its lack of safety methods. It further cited that the fire was caused by a faulty alternator which was exposed to a sparking wire.The report, which was released yesterday, identified several problems and made recommendations that the company should adhere to.The report stated that had the alternator been carefully checked, serviced, repaired or replaced with a proper functioning one,Shoes From China Online, this casualty might not have occurred.Based from the statements gathered from the crew members,Air Max 90 Udsalg, the Board of Investigators concluded that nothing could have been done when the fire instantaneously engulfed the vessel but to try to save themselves.In a detailed report it was explained that the vessel, Captain Lloyd 97, was owned and operated by Pritipaul Singh Investments Inc had been taken on a test run on June 18, last which lasted about 45 minutes. Conducting the test was a mechanic Ray Griffith,Wholesale NHL Jerseys 2020, who was not certified to do so.On leaving the vessel the mechanic told the crew to inform the captain that everything was functioning effectively.Captain Delbert Williams, whose body was never recovered, took command shortly after the mechanic had taken the vessel for a test run. The vessel left for sea the following afternoon.According to the report while at sea it was Elvis Todd, who was also injured in the fire, who said that Orlon Munroe was the person who observed that the alternator had an exposed wire.Munroe, in turn, reported it to the captain. The report states that it was Munroe who attended to the problem.Although the vessel had started to encounter problems,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Livraison Gratuite, this did not force it to stop.The crew continued its voyage towards the shrimp grounds. About 0300 hours the following morning (Saturday June 19, 2010) the crew then put out the shrimp nets and commenced trawling.Todd further reported during the investigation, that he began to prepare breakfast some time between 04:00 hours and 04:30 hours after the nets were overboard.He said that the captain then instructed him to leave the galley and to tend a hose which was to be used to transfer diesel fuel from one compartment of the starboard fuel tank to another compartment of the same tank.At this time Munroe and the Captain were in the engine room.Todd was further instructed to allow the dirty water from the hose to run out then put the hose in the fill for the fuel tank and signal him when that was done.The fuel started to flow and he Todd immediately heard screaming coming from the engine room.In narrating the sequence of events Todd, the report stated, that he looked back towards the engine room and saw the deck already engulfed in flames and the galley door “fly” open.It was reported that Todd ran to the bow and saw fire coming through the accommodation windows. Elvis Adams and George Fitzpatrick who were also injured were already at the bow.He then saw Munroe who was in the engine room with the captain,Air Max Womens Australia, run out through the starboard wheelhouse door engulfed in flames and jump overboard.The accommodation and wheelhouse were engulfed in fire. He then heard the engine stop. Todd threw Munroe a line but it was too short, then he saw the Captain come out through the after engine room.Graphically Todd in the report said that Williams was in his underwear alone, most of his skin was burnt off, his hair was burnt off, his heels were almost coming off from his feet and he was bleeding from his knees down.The captain saw Munroe in the water and instructed that he Todd, launch the lifeboat, and crew member Adams assisted him in launching it. The lifeboat started drifting away so Adams jumped overboard and swam towards it, climbed into it and paddled towards Munroe with his hands, as no paddles were provided on the trawler.Adams then assisted Munroe to get into the lifeboat.The seas being rough, the lifeboat could not be controlled without the paddles so it drifted away. The captain being fearful that the trawler would explode decided that the vessel had to be abandoned. Williams was then assisted into a shrimp box which was put overboard. The cover for the shrimp box was then put overboard, Fitzpatrick jumped on to the cover and Todd jumped overboard and held on to it. The injured crew members were rescued by another vessel.Munroe who sustained burns over ninety percent of his body and who was interviewed by this newspaper had said that he and the captain were in the engine room about to transfer fuel when the alternator wire which had an exposed section was being handled by the captain.Munroe said that the captain wanted to place it in a position where it would not come into contact with anything, but as soon as he lifted the wire it began sparking, the sparks made contact with the hot main engine which was running, and the entire engine room immediately became engulfed in flames.They were all taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where Munroe died several weeks later.Recommendations …..The company, according to the Board of Inquiry, should urgency seek to develop a Quality Management System and it is impetrative that the author of this management system be qualified and experienced consultant with relevant nautical knowledge and competence.Further, the report recommended that a company occupational health and safety manual which must include health and safety on board vessels.More so, the report recommended that Prittipaul must seek to appoint persons who have the relevant skills and qualifications. “It would be unacceptable if the company employs persons without any maritime training of any sort and place them in key positions of management of maritime operations.”The company should also consider employing a qualified mariner among the shore staff,Nike Air Max Valkoinen, or seek the services of a marine consultant to periodically check that all things in relation to the vessel are in compliance with the regulations.Another recommendation was that job descriptions for each position within the Company is compiled, documented and should form part of the Quality Management System.The changing of the format of the Captain’s Report/ Work Sheet was suggested.A column is also needed to record exactly what action is taken when defects are reported. It must be mandatory for the relevant signatures to be affixed to this document.Safety:In terms of safety the company must ensure that all emergency and safety equipment on shore and aboard the ship are acquired and maintained and in a serviceable state.Emergency drills are expected to be carried out periodically ashore and on board ships.When recruiting workers the company must ensure its contracts qualified captains and that these captains employ experienced crew members, or at least persons who have attended the basic training course.Further it was suggested that the company should have a mechanic on board, not necessarily as a crewmember but as a utility man.

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