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Embattled Police Commissioner Henry Greene,Buy Air Max 90, cannot work beyond age 60, according to an arrangementPolice Commissioner Henry Greenethat was agreed to when he was asked to serve beyond the retirement age, Dr Roger Luncheon, the government’s chief spokesman, said yesterday.Greene refuses to resign in a nasty scandal in which he admitted to having sex with a woman who sought his help, and the government has so far been reluctant to fire him.Yesterday, Dr Luncheon said that the government is mindful of the judicial process.Greene moved to the High Court two Tuesdays ago to block the police from charging him with rape as recommended by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).Greene reached the retirement age of 55,Vendita Scarpe Nike Air Max Online, but he agreed to stay on, Dr Luncheon said, under an agreement that he will not serve beyond age 60. Greene will be 58 on April 6.Last week, the government began looking more carefully at the course it will take regarding the Top Cop, owing to the very fact that he admitted to having had sex with the woman.“We are paying much more attention to that matter and its outcome but I do agree that considerable attention will ultimately have to be paid to the aspect that you raised (Greene having sex with the woman),” Dr Luncheon said last week.“With regard to the issue of his admission in the court to this consensual sex relationship with the complainant it is indeed a matter of concern.”Speaking at his weekly post-Cabinet news conference at the Presidential Complex in Georgetown, yesterday, Dr Luncheon said that before, the government focused its attention on what would arise out of the investigations.But he said the focus had shifted to Greene’s admission to having sex with the woman, and his attempts to block the Police from carrying out the recommendation of the Director of Public prosecutions, namely that he should be charged with rape.Home Affairs Minister,BVB Ausw?rtstrikot 2018/19, Clement Rohee, had said that Greene’s job depended on the recommendation of the Director of Public Prosecution, who was handed the file after investigations by local and Jamaican detectives.Last December,Cheap Air Max Uk Sale, a 34-year-old mother of two claimed that she was forced into a city hotel and raped by Greene.She said they first met on November 15, 2011,Cheap Jerseys Online, when she went to meet the Top Cop to enquire about the status of an investigation regarding her.Dr. Roger LuncheonShe said that in the process of the investigations, the Police had taken possession of her mobile phone and she wanted to recover it.The woman claimed that Greene told her to meet him on November 22 to uplift the phone and afterwards he offered her a ride home.However, she said she was driven to a city hotel where the Commissioner pulled out a gun and waved it at her, causing her to be afraid. At this point, she said she reluctantly exited the vehicle after Greene made a strange demand.In a statement he made to investigators, Greene said that when the woman came to meet him at Police Headquarters on November 22 last,  it was upon her insistence that they meet “socially” that they ended up at a villa and had sex.The Top Cop has claimed that he did not have a gun in his possession at the time.Greene took over responsibility for the Guyana Police Force on July 24, 2006 when then Commissioner of Police Mr. Winston Felix,NFL Jerseys From China, proceeded on pre-retirement leave.Greene joined the Police Force in February 1974.

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