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標題: Bvb Neues Trikot 18/19 [打印本頁]

作者: Opixm8z0    時間: 2019-1-20 17:29     標題: Bvb Neues Trikot 18/19

– Region 6 Chairman Almost all of the housing schemes in the Berbice area have been filled. This is according to the Regional Chairman of Region 6, Zulfikar Mustapha. He said that he has been instructed by President Bharrat Jagdeo to look for lands on the Upper Corentyne area to develop new housing schemes in Region 6.He credited the demand for house lots in Berbice to an increase in persons coming into the region to take up residence.“Many persons are coming to take up residence in Region 6. This shows the kind of investment that is coming to Region 6 because the economic opportunities will be better in Region 6 than any other part of the country,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Site Francais,” he said.He posited that currently,Jerseys From China, the Bloomfield and Block Five Housing schemes are in use, to which persons are being referred since others have been filled.Mustapha noted that there are a lot of demands for house lots in the region, especially on the Corentyne area. Much of the lands at the Block One Chesney,Cheap Jerseys, Block Four Tain and 77 Glasgow Housing Schemes have been occupied. “Almost all of the lots have been allocated to the residents,Cheap Air Max 720 Free Shipping,” he noted.There are 12 housing schemes in Berbice,Stitched Nike NFL Jerseys, including the larger ones such as Fort Ordnance and Glasgow.The New Haven Co-op Society and the government have been in a deadlock for years regarding the regularisation of Angoy’s Avenue. However, the saga may be coming to an end since Mustapha stated that the Co-op may be withdrawing the injunction shortly, hence paving the way for residents to get titles for their lands.He also said that persons who were allocated lots have spared little time in occupying the lands.He added that Region 6 is becoming an economic hub. The establishment of two more call centres on the Corentyne, an Industrial Site at Belvedere,Cheap Shoes Wholesale, and the prospects of oil in the region were touted as the bigger things that Berbicians can look forward to in the near future.

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