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-judge denies applicationAttorney-at-law, Nigel Hughes,Levn�� Boty Nike, yesterday asked that the libel suit which was brought against Kaieteur News columnist, Freddie Kissoon, by former President Bharrat Jagdeo be dismissed. Hughes was responding to appearing lawyer for Jagdeo, Sase Gunraj,Air Max Australia Online, who stood up before presiding judge, Brassington Reynolds, and said that he was on record to speak on the matter.The two lawyers were expressing their views as to why for the second time no lead attorney or witness for the plaintiff was present in court.Hughes, in arguing for the dismissal,Maglia Inter Scontata, said that since Gunraj has disclosed that he was not on record for the case and there are no witnesses or plaintiff present in court,China Jerseys Cheap, the next thing to do was to dismiss the matter.However, the judge said that court records indicated differently. He noted that court records show that Gunraj was on record to appear for the matter. Hughes also made the application for costs to be attached since Gunraj was not in a position to move forward or say what was the status of the case. Yesterday’s hearing was scheduled for chief witness, Dr. Roger Luncheon to continue being re-examined. The judge, however, denied this application.Also at yesterday’s hearing, the court was introduced to Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos as the lawyer who most likely will take over the case. That change came about after lead attorney, Anil Nandalall was recently appointed as the new Attorney General following recent elections. De Santos asked the court for three weeks adjournment so that he could familiarize himself with the case.The matter was adjourned for January 27th.On the last occasion,Air Max 90 Pas Cher Chine, cost of $20,000 was awarded to Hughes and Christopher Ram, after the lead lawyer for the plaintiff, Anil Nandlall,Authentic Jerseys Store, and main witness, Dr. Roger Luncheon, did not notify the court that they were going to be absent.President Bharrat Jagdeo has sued Freddie Kissoon, Kaieteur News and its Editor-in-Chief for $10 million, claiming that a column entitled “King Kong sent his goons to disrupt the conference” pointed to him (Jagdeo) as King Kong.The President has claimed that the article suggests that he is a racist and that “by extension, the State and Government of Guyana, practice racism as an ideology, dogma, philosophy and policy.”

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