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NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – Chairman of the Region Six Education Committee David Armogan says that too many instructional hours are lost as result of teachers attending the University of Guyana.His calculation shows that students lose approximately 61,000 instructional hours each year when teachers go to the university during school hours.In the cases of those who secured release from the Ministry of Education, head teachers are expected to make alternative arrangements but in many instances nothing is done. According to him, the programmes done by some teachers require attendance at the university at least three days per week. There are times when these teachers use instructional hours to prepare for their university classes or complete their assignments thus contributing to lost teaching hours.He explained that the question of release for teachers is sole responsibility of the Central Ministry. When this is granted, it is with the assumption that the curriculum would be covered by substitute teachers.According to Mr. Armogan, there are at least 25 teachers in Region Six now attending the University of Guyana who were not granted the official release. They have either taken leave or just go as absent on the necessary days. In this situation, their pay cheques are cut.A source from the Department of Education, who requested anonymity, said there are 189 teachers from nursery, primary and secondary schools in Region Six attending the University of Guyana. The Region has 1384 teachers. The Spokesperson acknowledged that when teachers are at the university, the students are left without adequate instruction. In some instances classes are combined. “It is depleting the instructional hours and it is affecting the curriculum delivery in Region Six. It has been so for the past ten years.”The Education Official said that based on the policy, the head teacher must take responsibility for the students. Last Tuesday, Principal Personnel Officer Shelton Daniels,Arsenal Fc Shop Sale, Region Six Education Officer Shafiran Bhajan, Mr. Armogan, a representative of the University of Guyana and also member of the Region Six Education Committee, Regional Vice-Chairman of the Guyana Teachers’ Union among others met to examine the issue of teachers.The Official acknowledged there are some teachers who are not eligible to attend the University of Guyana and are doing so without release. The policy states that at any grade ‘A’ school only four teachers are allowed to attend the University of Guyana at one time. For grade ‘B’ institutions, the figure is three, grade ‘C’ – two and grade ‘D’ – one.However,Air Max 97 For Sale Australia, some teachers still break the rule. There are those who do not even apply for permission and yet still attend the university during school hours. The Official believes that the old system where classes at the university were held outside school hours may be the only possible solution for now.When contacted Regional Education Officer Shafiran Bhajan said the situation is being addressed.Meanwhile, Mr. Armogan is of the view that the poor performance of students at low grade schools is affecting the overall results of Region Six.He explained that candidates at about 35 percent of secondary schools in East Berbice/Corentyne got less than 40 percent passes at this year Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) examinations. “These schools made the region look bad overall. They are not performing.”To arrest this situation the Regional Education Committee is targeting the low grade schools. More focus is now placed on them and regular checks are made on the schools and their curriculum. In some instances teachers at low grade school are present but do not go to the classroom hence the lesson is not taught.He said head teachers generally are responsible for the performance. “It means they are not supervising properly. Weak schools have weak head teachers.”Mr. Armogan cited one of these institutions, the Central Corentyne High School formerly known as Bush Lot Secondary,Camiseta Real Madrid 2018 Barata, which according to him did well in years gone by. Recently,Cheap NCAA Basketball Jerseys, the US Continuing Promise in collaboration with the Regional Administration carried out major rehabilitation work on that school.But the source from the Department of Education stated the teachers are trying their best. Targets are used to boost the performance of students at what is called the low grade schools. Action plans are being implemented to aid in overcoming all weak areas as well. The Central Ministry is also to assist in the training of teachers.The Education Official said generally more emphasis is being placed on these low performing schools using the six-year transition curriculum. This gives the students an extra year before they enter the grade seven proper. The students who are placed at the lower schools spend six years rather than five and the first is used for a special curriculum which emphases English and Mathematics.The Official noted that taken as a whole there has been a progressive increase in the students’ performance in Region Six over the past two years at the CSEC examination.In a recent interview it was disclosed that in 2008 there were 56 percent passes with grades one to three. In2009 the figure rose to 63 percent and this year it stands at 68 percent. With grades one to four passes, the overall percentage is 87 percent this year.Looking at the general pass rate for the secondary schools in Region Six at the CSEC this year, the New Amsterdam Secondary School attained an 85 percent pass rate in grades one to three, followed by the J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School with 83.12 percent, Berbice High School 82.59 percent, Berbice Educational Institute 78, Tagore 74, Skeldon Line Path 72, Corentyne Comprehensive 65, Tutorial Academy 59 and Canje Secondary 55 percent. The remainder was below 50 percent.With grades one to four passes,Adidas Boty Levn��, Berbice High School obtained a 96.01 percent pass rate, New Amsterdam Secondary School 95.96, J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School 95.86 percent, Berbice Educational Institute 92, Skeldon Line Path 90, Corentyne Comprehensive 89, Tagore 88, Canje Secondary 84, Tutorial Academy 81, Skeldon High 74.42, Central Corentyne High 74.35, Black Bush Polder Secondary 73, Lower Corentyne Secondary 70.62, Winifred Gaskin Secondary 70.54, Manchester Secondary 66 and Vryman’s Erven 50 percent.Mr. Armogan indicated that the Regional Education Committee is also dealing with truancy issue. At the primary level attendance is between 85 and 90 percent and at secondary schools it varies between 80 and 85 percent.During the last academic year,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, Government began a feeding programme for primary school children. Mr. Armogan said this appears to be an incentive for some students and their attendance saw marked improvement.At the secondary level, the committee is working towards getting teachers more involved and is to pay more attention to those with poor attendance record. They are also working to get parents more involved. A list is being compiled of all the students with a high non-attendance rate and in collaboration with the Probation Department attempt to correct the situation.According to Mr. Armogan, the truancy campaign in Region Six has been stymied since there are not adequate welfare officers. Vacancies have since been advertised.It is the hope of the Regional Educational Committee to have more vibrant parent/teacher associations at all three levels. This should assist in correcting some of the shortcomings. Many parent/teacher bodies focus on fund-raising activities rather place more emphasis on the management of the schools.A series of training sessions should come on stream shortly with the help of the Department of Education. These workshops would deal with, inter alia, educating parents on their role in the education system.Meanwhile, the Department of Education through the Region Six Administration is to construct new science laboratories for the Tutorial Academy and the Canje Secondary Schools. Rehabilitation work is to be done on the science laboratories at the Berbice High School and the J.C. Chandisingh Secondary. The Canje Secondary is expected to receive its first computer laboratory next year while other schools are to have their computer labs upgraded. This has already started in order to ensure internet access for all students.There has been an increase in expenditure in the education sector. The Region Six Budget for the sector this year amounted to $1.6 billion with $1.2 billion going towards employment cost. Next year the Region is proposing a $1.9 billion Budget with $1.5 billion for employment cost in the education sector.

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