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Police have detained a city businessman in connection with the execution-style killing of Pest Control Plus owner Mohamed Salahudeen Bacchus Baksh.An official explained that the businessman was taken into custody yesterday. He has reportedly denied any involvement in Baksh’s slaying and has given detectives an alibi for his movements at the time of the attack.Former Magistrate, Fazil Azeez as he paid tribute to his fallen cousinKaieteur News understands that some associates of the businessman have given investigators statements alleging that he was with them at the time Baksh was slain. A lawyer also said that the man has a solid alibi.While investigators have no evidence to link him to the case, police are looking at the businessman as a suspect because of a prior financial dispute between the man and Baksh.Police officials confirmed that they had also impounded a burgundy car that fit the description that eyewitnesses gave of the gunmen’s getaway vehicle.  However,Discount NFL Jerseys, the car was handed over to the owner after detectives confirmed that it belonged to a police officer.Investigators have turned over a 9mm warhead and a bullet fragment that were extracted from the slain man’s skull during a post mortem yesterday.Baksh, 42,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale Uk, who was laid to rest yesterday, was shot twice in the head by gunmen on Friday night as he sat with friends in the Flava’s Grill, located in Thomas Street,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale, Cummingsburg.He succumbed the following day.A 9mm bullet casing was recovered at the scene.Following the post mortem, the body was handed over to relatives for burial.Hours later, scores of persons turned out to the Versailles Masjid on the West Coast of Demerara to pay final tributes to the slain man.The gathering included parliamentarians, lawyers, members of the Islamic religious community, and other prominent persons.During the latter segment of the programme, Religious Adviser and Senior Official of the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG), Shaykh Moen Hack, in his address to the gathering,Discount Nike NFL Jerseys, called on those in prominent positions to use their influence to create awareness to eliminate lawless and senseless killings.The motion was seconded by many, who not only hoped that the perpetrators of this crime be brought to justice, but those directly,Air Max Outlet Schweiz, or indirectly involved in the many other similar cases.The funeral service was a quiet one. The family chose to follow their religious beliefs, and celebrated the life Baksh lived, rather than mourn his death. The man’s wife however, was described as being emotionally numb.Praises of Baksh were being sung in every corner of the Masjid compound. He was said to have been not only an intellectual and thorough businessman, but also a generous man who was of high moral standard, who loved and cared for his family and society at large.A section of the gathering at the Versailles MasjidFamily members who spoke to Kaieteur News were at a loss to come up with a clear motive for his killing.On August, 7,Fc Bayern Trikot Champions League, 2008, Baksh was shot in the abdomen in the vicinity of Lamaha Street, North Cummingsburg.

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