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Guyana will soon establish a diplomatic mission in Geneva. This was recently disclosed by Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, in a Government Information Agency interview.He said the new mission will mean a lot to Guyana as it will be responsible for trade.Guyana has been the spokesman for the Caribbean in relation to the last WTO meeting on the DOHA round which took place in Nairobi.The challenges experienced prompted the decision to establish the Mission.“Whilst the heart of the discussion in preparation for Nairobi took place in Geneva at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) we had no officer there…an officer had to be travelling from Georgetown and from Brussels to undertake that work,” Minister Greenidge explained.He said that the establishment of a diplomatic mission means that the Guyana officers who are coordinators for trade for the Caribbean region can be on site and lead effectively by participating in necessary meetings.This capacity was constrained by the absence of those skills in Geneva.“We can be more effective on the trade front,Buy Shoes Nz, representing ourselves and where appropriate, other groups whether ACP or CARIFORUM, CARICOM if we have an office there,” Greenidge explained.This move was the subject of lengthy deliberations because Switzerland is a very expensive place to live and Geneva and Berne are among the most costly of cities. Nevertheless, the Swiss Government has offered and Guyana has accepted, to come to an arrangement where Switzerland would defray some of the cost of the office in Geneva or in Berne.“The Officers appointed there will need to work also with the Swiss because it will be a bilateral office too…the officers will also work towards developing relations with the Swiss with whom we have not really done a great deal,” the Foreign Affairs Minister added.Famous Guyanese author, Edgar Austin Mittelholzer, had shared roots from Switzerland.  The Swiss government upon learning this provided an additional connection to foster deeper ties between the two countries.“They were rather fascinated to learn that we have connections and we will be building on that in material ways,Arsenal Fc New Kit 18/19, culturally as well as economically and socially and we can see the fruits of that relationship in the coming years,Wholesale Jerseys China,” Minister Greenidge said.Switzerland has maintained diplomatic relations with Guyana since 1977. It has been particularly involved in debt relief for this country and signed a bilateral investment protection agreement in 2005 at Guyana’s instigation.In 2011,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Switzerland imported goods worth about Swiss Franc 0.1m, which were primarily agricultural products. Exports to Guyana amounted to 700,000 Swiss Francs and consisted of metal and machinery.In 2015, Swiss Ambassador to Guyana, Ambassador Sabine Ulmann Shaban,Discount Nike NFL China Wholesale, was accredited.Switzerland and Guyana have also signed agreements in areas such as lifting visa requirements for holders of a diplomatic or service passport,Cheap Liverpool FC Jersey, extradition and investment protection.

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