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The Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has congratulated local doctors and nurses who rendered their services to Colwyn Harding while accusing the Opposition of politicking over the lad’s situation.Colwyn HardingThis is in the wake of Colwyn Harding’s exodus from Guyana yesterday to receive further treatment in Jamaica for his internal wounds which he claimed were inflicted on him by a police inserting a baton with a condom up his rear last November.The PPP said it “views with deep concern the alleged atrocities Colwyn Harding claims to have been inflicted upon him by a member of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) while he was in police custody and welcomes the decision by the GPF to launch a thorough investigation into this matter. We congratulate our doctors and nurses who rendered professional services to their patient,Jerseys NFL Cheap, we noted their findings and hope their findings will play a part in their investigation in order to arrive at the truth in this matter.”General Secretary of the PPP,mlb jerseys china, Clement Rohee said he is dismayed with politicians and naysayers reducing Harding’s allegations into a “political football kicking it around to bolster their faltering political fortitudes…they have already passed judgment on this matter, they have already condemned police ranks, they have already calculated compensation and are demanding the state to pay millions of dollars in tax payers money; all of this they did having heard only one side and in the absence of any credible,  impartial investigation or indeed any investigation at all.” He said that even the doctor’s professional opinions were ignored in this process.The party signaled its commitment to effecting and implementing wide ranging reforms in the discipline forces to ensure that they operate within the confines of the law and that they discharge in a professional manner,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, their respective mandates.  “To date these reforms continue to be a work in progress, in order to increase civilian oversight in the disciplined forces we have ensured that the statutory,China Football Jerseys Cheap, constitutional and other mechanisms designed to achieve these purposes are functioning effectively, we refer to the Office of Professional Responsibility, the Police Complaint Authority, the National Commission for Law and Order,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, the constitutional court and the recently re-established Office of the Ombudsman,As Roma Maglia,” said Rohee.Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) David Granger had called for an independent judicial inquiry into Harding’s situation citing no confidence in Rohee, the Office of the Professional responsibility or even the Police Complaints Authority to conclude satisfactorily into Harding’s situation.The PPP also expressed that it observed the statements made by President Donald Ramotar in connection with an independent inquiry into the matter.

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