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A post mortem conducted on 21-year-old Yogeeta Bishram on Monday at the New Amsterdam Hospital revealed that she died from excessive bleeding. Government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh performed the autopsy.The woman’s death was due to hemorrhage and severe anaemiaBishram, a mother of one,Wholesale World Cup Jerseys, of No 60 village,Arsenal Fc Away Kit, died early on Wednesday morning at the New Amsterdam hospital after she was rushed there from the Skeldon hospital some 46 miles away by Ambulance after she delivered her second child, a healthy girl. Her husband had told this newspaper that he had taken Yogeeta to the Skeldon Hospital around 21:00 hours Tuesday after she started to experience labour pains.After ensuring that she was admitted to the maternity ward he had returned home. He had stated that around 22:00hrs his wife had telephoned him and complained about feeling unwell.Gobin recalled that he was in front of his yard when he saw an ambulance drive pass. At that point he sensed that something was amiss with his wife and decided to revisit the hospital.At the Skeldon Hospital,China Jerseys Wholesale, he was informed by a nurse that his wife was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.He quickly drove to the said institution,cheap nfl jerseys sale, and upon his arrival,NFL Jerseys Outlet, he was greeted with the devastating news of his wife’s death.Gobin alleged that he was at the hospital for hours and no one came to properly brief him about what caused Yogita’s death.He had stated that “All these people tell me is that she died while delivering her baby girl…nothing more,Maillot De Foot Psg Pas Cher,” the tearful man had related. He blamed the maternity workers accusing them of negligence.“I think is just negligence on the hospital behalf…they don’t have no ambulance at the hospital in case of emergency; they had to wait till it come from New Amsterdam to take her”Gobin told Kaieteur News that his wife delivered one child before and did not have any complications during her previous pregnancy.“My wife was never sick; she was a very healthy woman and they make her die,” he cried.

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