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The Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organisations (CANTO) on Sunday evening opened their 26th annual general meeting with technological advancement in telecommunications within the region being high on the agenda during the three day meet.Chairman of the regional body, Ian Blanchard, urged the delegates to consider what technology can do to facilitate national and regional development, noting that technology is one of the keys to the success.“Technology shrinks and flattens the world, it is in my view a neutraliser, a tool that when used correctly can cause significant shifts to provide the impetus or the fuel or the acceleration for transforming our nations,” Blanchard told the audience of Caribbean Telecommunications representatives at the Pegasus Hotel last weekend.He added that technological advancement will not only ensure that businesses have the ability to improve their operations, but will also allow governments to be in a position to improve the services provided in areas that were previously thought impossible as well as afford individuals more access to vacation and business opportunities.Blanchard pointed out that this is what embracing technology means; it is not simply a tool for the rich and famous. Rather, it is a tool of transformation of which the national and regional development must utilise.He said, too,Cheap MLB Gear, that economic success is looked at in a number of ways. The first world looks at it different than the region, but all agree that technology gives citizens of the Caribbean an opportunity to change that.“Singapore which is roughly the same size as Barbados has transformed its economy significantly; there is no limit to what we can do if we understand and make use of the opportunities that is presented to us through technology.”It is critical that the region has access to that technology,Nike Air Max 1 Suomi, and not just see it as nice phones and gadgetry, the Chairman said.“We must figure out how to use it to ensure that our citizens in outlying areas have access to education, how we ensure that businesses are able to benefit from technology in a more efficient way…”Urging the gathered delegates to use technology to create a shift, an acceleration that was before unable to be promoted, he stated that the time is now to embrace that technology and its ability to accelerate national development for the benefit of all in the region.Sparing a word for the earthquake ravaged country of Haiti, the Canto Chairman,Maglie Milan 2018/19, urged his colleagues to continue to remember Haiti, “not just in our minds but to play an active role to ensure that there is sustainable development to our brothers and sisters, because what happened to Haiti can happen to us.“Let us therefore work to ensure that the development of Haiti is sustainable even as we think of our own development; even as we think of our future.”Finance Minister,Cheap Man City Jersey, Dr. Ashni Singh, one of the speakers at the forum, reiterated Blanchard’s call that the time is now for Caribbean companies to take advantage of the available technology to improve the lives of the region’s people, through the advancement of its economies.Commending CANTO membership for the round of discussions planned during the three-day meet that ended yesterday, the Minister said this reflects a recognition of some of the main challenges before the region.It also reflects a realization that “we inhabit a world with continuous technological change to which we must adapt for the development of our economy and improve the lives of our people.”Dr. Singh added that more and more technological developments is impacting on the economic and social development of Caribbean countries, particularly the smaller economies; advising that much of the region’s success rests not only in individual efforts, but also in partnerships regional and governmental.The region needs to pool its strengths and concerns to move along a path of economic and social advancement to effectively provide new and emerging technologies, the Minister added.“Most countries have sought to enhance the opportunities and employment of new and emerging technologies to improve the lives of their people, Guyana is no exception.”Recently the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company in an effort to modernise and advance the provision of its service to Guyana installed the long awaited submarine cable linking Guyana to Suriname and the rest of the world.The Minister stated that other significant efforts are being explored to advance and modernise the Guyanese economy employing the use of technology,Maglia Ufficiale Milan 2018/19, some of which include the implementation of major projects to facilitate the system of government.One of these projects is the creation of a fibre optic backboard from the capital city to Linden to Lethem on to Guyana’s border with Brazil, a distance of some 520 Kilometres.Minister Singh said that this network would link into a coastal network via a more expanded E-Government Network. “We are very eager to roll out this project,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, and move to a regime that will allow an increased growth of the telecommunication sector.”He further urged the gathering to devote attention to identifying ways in which technology can promote development in the region; adding that this exploration become all the more necessary and relevant in light of the global economic crisis, which has affected many countries in the Caribbean.“I don’t believe our economies have a choice but to look at ways to diversify to make our economies, less vulnerable…I believe technology has a role to play in that regard.”The CANTO workshop is intended to explore challenges and explore new business models around mobile content and value added services.

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