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Everything that does do in darkness does come to light. Is now people know how Jagdeo had no regard fuh people in de country,Wholesale Shoes China, especially dem who he feel is not from he party. He sit down and wuk out a scheme how fuh mek he family,Camiseta Bar?a 2018-19, he friends and he comrades share in three-quarters of de country.When Bobby Ramroop put heself up front fuh buy Vieira TV station that was part of de plan. Jagdeo believe that he gun keep heself in de news. In fact,Asics Kayano 23 Homme, he got share in de TV station. But he wasn’t satisfy wid that.Vieira had one radio station. Jagdeo give Ramroop four more and dem claim how dem buy de radio station from Vieira when dem buy de TV station. He call he niece husband,Aymeric Laporte Jersey, and give he five radio station channel. Rob Earth know that he couldn’t put he same suh he call Priya brother-in-law and tell he fuh put he name.Donald smell a rat and was de Big Rat suh de same Jagdeo decide that he got to give de party five radio channel too. It ain’t done deh,Basket Adidas Femme Pas Cher Chine, he had to give he friends suh he call Hits and Jams and de Wireless Connection man and give dem radio station too.He didn’t stop deh. He call some of he other friends and give dem radio station but he keep de best fuh last. He give some of dem cable suh dem can get telephone,Nike Air Max Sale Australia, TV and radio at de same time. Two of de Bees get this.Now this is a man who did tell de world that he got all de Guyanese people at heart. Dem boys seh that he believe that Guyana only got he friends and he family.Is now dem boys understand how he love heself. He find a way fuh give out all dem pharmaceutical contract and that only ease down when dem boys talk how de money getting thief because de taxpayers’ paying and de drugs ain’t coming.More gun come to light by de dozen. Dem boys seh something got to happen.Talk half and just think how Jagdeo give way de country to he friends and family.

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