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作者: Opixm8z0    時間: 2018-10-9 07:41     標題: Maglia Juventus Bambino

The two men who survived last Tuesday’s confrontation with police ranks following a burglary at the Crescent Cycle Store have been charged.Norbert Bajnauth, 31,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, of Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara,Cheap China NFL Jerseys, and Neville Mahase, 43, of Alexander Village, appeared yesterday before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.It is alleged that between August 24 and 25 they broke into the Crescent Cycle Store and stole 38 bicycles, the property of Stanley Paul, valued at $525,000.The men, who were unrepresented, pleaded not guilty, but related to the court that one of their accomplices was shot by police while he was on the ground,NFL Jerseys Supply, and that they too were shot and not given any treatment for their injuries.However, the Police Prosecutor objected to bail while informing the court that both men are not first time offenders.They were both remanded to prison and are expected to make their next court appearance on September 4.On Tuesday,Jerseys From China, August 25,Cheap Jerseys, last,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the two men along with another Mark Heywood broke into the Crescent Cycle Store where they allegedly stole 38 bicycles.Only six of the items were recovered.After police were alerted, the men were confronted and tried to escape, but were shot at. Heywood died the following morning while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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