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Doodnauth Misir, the driver who was involved in the accident that claimed the life of 25-year-old Mary Sandy, was yesterday remanded to prison after he appeared in the Providence Magistrate’s Court.Misir,Authentic Jerseys China, a security guard of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara,China Jerseys, was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and driving under the influence (DUI). Kaieteur News understands that the DUI charge was instituted after a doctor took a blood sample from the accused.The accused is to return to court on June 22. On the same day Misir appeared in court, family and friends gathered at the St. Matthew’s Church, Providence, East Bank Demerara, to bid final farewell to the victim of the accident, 25 year-old, Mary Sandy.The woman leaves to mourn her four sons, seven-year-old Andre Sandy, five-year-old Anthony Sandy, three-year-old Mark Sandy and three-week-old Andrew Sandy.The baby is currently in the care of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security Child Care Unit.Social Services officers told this newspaper yesterday, that given the circumstances of the situation,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the Ministry saw the need to take the baby into their care. Andre, Anthony, and Mark along with their grandfather at the burial site.Based on the results from their investigations into the children’s living conditions,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, a decision would be made on whether the other children need to be taken into the Ministry’s care as well.Since the Human Services Ministry has decided to take care of the funeral expenses, Publisher of Kaieteur News,Cheap China Jerseys, Mr. Glenn Lall has decided to contribute $100,000 toward the needs of the children.According to Mr. Lall, all the monies donated will be placed into a trust fund for the children, and the same method which was used for the Lusignan Massacre Victims,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, will be applied in this case.Lall made it clear that the father of the children will not receive any of the money donated.After dropping off her seven-year-old son to school, Mary was crossing the road opposite the Texaco Gas Station when she was hit by a car, PDD 9467. She died on the spot.It was also noted that Mary had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband, who had left the couple’s home since Monday and never returned until he heard of his wife’s death.
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interests in adult education and sustainability. He sees the MOU as an opportunity to develop both counties.Without providing in-depth details of the agreement,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Professor Opadeyi said it has been in the making for several months and seeks to benefit both countries. He described the MOU as a meaningful

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