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標題: Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Guyana’s continental neighbour to the east [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Xdh    時間: 2018-6-14 00:33     標題: Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Guyana’s continental neighbour to the east

-President Granger says the claim is “spurious”,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, “does not change the price of rice.” By Kiana Wilburg It appears that Suriname,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Guyana’s continental neighbour to the east, will follow in Venezuela’s footsteps as it is now resurrecting its claim on the New River Triangle. This area is said to be one of Guyana’s prime locations with pristine fauna and rich mineral resources.According to de Ware Tijd, a local news outlet of the Dutch speaking nation, the Suriname President Desi Bouterse during his annual address to the Parliament, told his National Assembly that the New River Triangle (Tigri) issue will be “back on the agenda.”De Ware Tijd said that as for the aggression of Venezuela across neighbouring Guyana,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Bouterse drew a parallel with respect for the country’s sovereignty and announced that Suriname will bring the issue on the agenda in talks with Guyana as it is part of the Surinamese territory.It said,cheap jerseys, too, that it is the first time after many years that the government again seems to want to give serious attention to this issue.“The last serious attempt to resolve the Tigri issue and other border issues with neighboring Guyana was at the end of the government Wijdenbosch / Radhakishun (1998) when Guyana Canadian CGX had given permission to search for oil on the coast of Suriname.”“The government Bouterse /Adhin place (is) discussing the issue with Tigri-Guyana on the agenda for this reign. Since the sixties, Guyana maintains a portion of Suriname’s territory in the southwest of the country occupied and performs management actions from there.”But President Granger told the media yesterday that the claim by the Surinamese President is “spurious.”He said, “The matter of Suriname is not new. As you know, Suriname had laid claim to part of our sea space and that had to be determined by the national tribunal and it was determined in Guyana’s favour.“Suriname still claims the Corentyne River and that is still a matter of controversy because there has never been any treaty which demarcated that boundary between Guyana and Suriname.”He continued,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “It also claims the New River Triangle and it encompasses an area of large riches,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, it’s larger than Jamaica and this claim is spurious and we have taken measures in the past to protect our territorial integrity and we will continue to do so.”Granger said that he has noted the statements made by Bouterse but as far as he is concerned, “It does not change the price of rice.”The President said however that he will seek clarification on the matter. He said that Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge is expected to be back from his overseas bilateral talks today and will meet with him by Sunday.The Head of State said that the matter is one that seems to be quite opaque and does necessitate clarification.

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