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De bandits get ketch again. And is not de regular bandits who police does hunt. De police frighten this set because all of dem is big ones. Dem is de people who hold Government office. De main one is Jagdeo and he laughing all de time. He think he smart everybody when he share out dem radio licence.De man select de people who he had to give because he want to shut down all who does criticize he and de government. He decide that de best way to mek sure that only he voice people hear was to give he friends de radio station.All who is he friend and powerful he give five channels suh dem can send dem signal right across de country. He know that de private media can only reach a certain section. Newspaper got de reach but is not everybody can read. But everybody can hear. And this is why Jagdeo mek sure that he friends and he party get de radio.Is only Donald couldn’t see that because he eye fasten under de cow tail. But he can hear and he now hearing how people feel bout de radio channel wha Jagdeo give away. He now know why people never trust Jagdeo. He sit down wid Hoyte and promise that nobody gun get radio or TV till dem set up a broadcast authority.Hoyte lef de meeting but he seh that he don’t think he can trust Jagdeo. Hoyte now turning in he grave. Before he dead people beg he fuh trust Jagdeo and he try. That is why he dead. He try fuh do de impossible.Jagdeo do exactly wha he promise he wouldn’t do. He share out radio and TV licence but he share to he friends and he family. De few people who like a sport,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, he give dem one one fuh broadcast in dem village. And dem smile. He friends can broadcast to de whole country but not dem other people who look like Hoyte.And Donald ain’t see this.Talk half and light fire under Donald tail

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