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作者: yueyrt1Xdh    時間: 2018-6-13 21:47     標題: Cheap Jerseys increases in the Threshold limits for Regional

By: Kiana WilburgNPTAB Head, Berkley WickhamPerceptions of corruption and favouritism have for years, sullied the image of Guyana’s public procurement system.However,Cheap World Cup Jerseys, the APNU+AFC Government and top officials at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) are very satisfied with the progress they have made in arming the system with effective anti-corruption mechanisms.This was recently revealed by NPTAB Head, Berkley Wickham.Wickham also took the opportunity to inform this newspaper on some of the key initiatives and interventions made since he assumed office as Chairman of the NPTAB.Wickham said that every initiative or intervention undertaken this past year was aimed at changing the long held perception of a tainted public procurement process.He said that the difficulty of this task was never underestimated but its success is rooted in the need to achieve transparency, accountability, fairness, integrity and efficiency.The NPTAB head said, “We are not there yet but significant advances have been made. Some of these are; increases in the Threshold limits for Regional, Ministerial/Agency Tender Boards; work in progress in developing debarment procedures; the Bid Protest Committee has been established and is functional; The Public Procurement Commission has been established; and we have been an active participant in the Task Force for the development of the Caricom Public Procurement Regime”Wickham said that NPTAB has also been working with the Ministry of Business to facilitate the participation of small businesses and women owned businesses in the Public Procurement process.Pursuant to Section 17 of the Procurement Act 2003, Wickham said that the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board has been organizing training in public procurement.This year, he said that the Board addressed its responsibility through the delivery of training to enhance expertise in Public Procurement across the country to ensure knowledge of procurement policies and procedures are continually upgraded in line with best practices.In this regard, he said that recently,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, 30 participants were drawn from all 10 regions to participate in a Certificate Procurement Training Programme- Level 2 CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply). He explained that CIPS is the premier global organization serving the procurement and supply profession and is dedicated to promoting best practices.This programme is financed under the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Public Procurement Modernization Programme and the Financial Management Technical Assistance Programme for Guyana,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, through the Ministry of Finance.The training was delivered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Procurement Specialist Mr. Rodofo Sanjurjo. It was held at the Regency Suites Hotel in Georgetown.Wickham said that two similar programmes involving 60 trainees from the Public Sector will be undertaken in January of 2017.The NPTAB Head said that this Programme is one component of the entity’s overall Capacity Building Programme. He commented that capacity building is a key element for improving efficiency and transparency of the procurement process and training is identified as key for promoting efficiency.Wickham also revealed that there were two female Procurement Officers who recently successfully completed a certification online programme in Sustainable Procurement which was provided by the Organization of American States (OAS). He noted that there was even a pilot programme in procurement planning which was just completed in three of Government’s large Ministries.Wickham reiterated that while the Public Procurement Modernization Programme is financed by the IDB, CIPS is a crucial part of that programme. He said that it will serve to improve efficiency, value for money in Public Procurement through strategic planning and e-Government Procurement (e-GP).He noted that the initiative will impact a number of areas including; bringing the current procurement regulations in line with best practices as of January 2017; Strengthen the data base system to improve reporting requirements by far flung areas of the country and facilitate analytical reporting on procurement which is a requirement under the Procurement Act of 2003; and give a more focused training for evaluators which will be on going.Wickham said that it is important to note that the procurement planning within Agencies is a weak area. As such, he vowed that the Procurement planning intervention model will be rolled out country wide.The NPTAB head said that website improvement will satisfy the statutory requirement of timely posting of advertisements of procurement opportunities as well as awards. This he said will also prepare a strategy for the introduction of e-procurement in Guyana.Wickham said, too,Authentic Jerseys From China, that the initiative will provide CIPS Level 2 training to at least 90 operatives in the procurement system.On another note,China Jerseys, Wickham said that the existing legislation does not provide for e-procurement. He said that an upcoming legislation review will provide for this.He promised too that a debarment procedure will be fashioned for implementation.The NPTAB Head said,NFL Jerseys China, “There will be further training in February 2017 in contract compliance and management. As you can see we have been very busy this past year. In my opinion, we are poised to take procurement out of a long period of stagnation.”Wickham said that moves are being taken to ensure that the Procurement system is elevated onto a pathway where electronic government procurement is the major tool to build a world class procurement process in Guyana.

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