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– Urges bi-partisan approach in last Parliamentary budget presentationCareful to state gains and shortfalls, Alliance For Change (AFC) Member of Parliament Raphael Trotman decried what he said was a combative and confrontational style of governance and called for an approach that is inclusive in order to address societal ills.“We desperately need a president and a government who demonstrate the capacity, the ability and willingness to bridge the ethnic and political divide; to confront and address legacy issues that spurn hate and revenge, and to forge a culture of accountability and acknowledgement that create the atmosphere for forgiveness and reconciliation,Cheap NFL Jerseys, to put Guyana and all people first and not one’s ego, blind ambition, ethnicity, gender, religious belief, age, and even sexual orientation…,” he said during his contribution to the 2011 Budget Debate on Monday, last.He called on the government to urgently establish a Committee for the Future, resembling that of Finland, to immediately introduce national dialogue on governance and embrace the offer of a Bi-Partisan approach to security failures.Trotman claimed that the government has not been genuine in its approach to inclusive governance.He pointed to a November 6, 2006 meeting with the President that involved the opposition in which many decisions were made. These included the introduction of regular meetings between Cabinet and Opposition, joint action to restore the role of politicians, joint representation on overseas delegations, establishment of the Procurement Commission, re-organisation of the Integrity Commission, Local Government reform and the release of treason accused Mark Benschop.Except for the pardoning of Benschop, there has not been any movement on the other issues.Trotman said the time has come to forge a system of governance that promotes a concerted effort and broad-based participation on national decision-making.“We cannot maintain the Republic if we continue to practice our competitive, combative and confrontational style of governance.”Trotman is not returning to Parliament when the current session ends to make way for general elections this year, saying his efforts to offer genuine representation were stymied or non-existent. He did not rule out returning to serve as a Member of Parliament, but said he would do so under changed circumstances.His “farewell” budget presentation was therefore laced with commendation, humour and even some advice.  He described the Attorney General Charles Ramson as a nice Poodle trying to run around like a Rottweiler. He commended Minister of Labour Manzoor Nadir for an otherwise good speech in defending the budget, even though he might have missed some statistics. And he suggested that the Speaker, Mr Ralph Ramkarran, is too much of a gentleman, and should join Navin (Chandarpal) in the rum shops – an obvious reference to the accusation leveled against the former Presidential Advisor by the President.That aside, the theme of Trotman’s message was clear – a system of governance that was inclusive.He noted that in the 19 years since the PPP/Civic has held the seat of government,NFL Jerseys Cheap, five persons were charged with treason. For him, that should be reason to compel dialogue across the political spectrum.For Trotman, while a stadium has been built and the Berbice and Takutu Rivers have been bridged, and while schools and bridges have been built, there remains a jittery security situation, marked by treason, a grenade explosion, wanton killings and narco trafficking.  For Trotman, that points to a crisis.Regarding wanton killings, he surmised that people are not respecting the sanctity of life, “killing, destroying and maiming at an alarming rate,” and unless there is a bipartisan approach to security, “we are going to spiral into confusion.”Trotman said unemployment is high and opportunities few, despite assurances otherwise. He claimed to have gone into villages and seen groups of young men gambling and “smoking weed,” because they feel they are being sidelined, either because of where they come from or their academic capabilities.He called for Guyana to implement Finland’s Parliamentary “Committeefor the Future” which deliberates parliamentary documents referred to it and, when requested to do so, makes submissions to other committees on future-related matters, which are included in their spheres of responsibility and have a bearing on development factors and development models of the future.He said this would be in keeping with the system of governance envisaged under Article 13 of the Guyana Constitution.That Article, he said, places a duty to establish an inclusionary democracy by providing increasing opportunities for communities.“I believe that unless we have the courage to embrace our own unique form of power sharing and inclusive governance uniquely designed for our unique situation, we will continue to be lesser than our true potential.”As a result, Trotman reintroduced an old topic – the concept of the team.This,Cheap Nike Shoes From China, he said, involved “selecting the best from over there (the government) and over here (the opposition) and even from out there (civil society) and together, not separate and apart, we can accomplish it.”He said there is nothing that would prevent the political parties to bring to an end the constant bickering and quarrelling. But he stressed that this cannot be done by using the old political tools of manipulation,Wholesale College Jerseys China, subterfuge, and coercion, because he for one would not be made to do something by being compelled or cajoled.Addressing those seeking to become President,Maglia Inter Nuova, Trotman said Guyana needs candidates who will commit to removing the executive presidency in one year; restructuring the power structures to ensure devolution and fair and equitable distribution and give real meaning to Article 13; deepening dialogue between political parties and with civil society; commit to the restoration of rule of law in every respect and commit to rebuilding the value and sanctity of life,Cheap Shoes Nz, liberties and human dignity.Trotman said he was quitting his Parliamentary foray unless he could see change.“I will not be involved in the business of playing politics, or being in the chamber for the sake of being here, knowing that my ability to offer genuine representation is stymied or non-existent.”“I have therefore resolved to only be involved in the future where there is something constructive, and not destructive, something that is embracing, and not insular, something that is forging and reconciling,” he stated.“When I do return, it must be under changed circumstances.”