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By Sharmain GraingerSome people settle for less than they deserve; some even embrace sickness as a natural part of life and even depart this world thinking that it was their destiny. However, this view has never been, and will never be, the view of 62-year-old Esmay Bahador.The resident of Stanleytown,Jordan Pas Cher Homme France, West Bank Demerara, has not only once,Shoes From China Online, but twice faced situations that in one instance could have left her deformed and another that could have been worse. She was, however,Wholesale Shoes China, on neither occasion willing to be left straddled with these conditions.One incident she shared with me recently occurred about 11 years ago when a relative observed that there was a lump in the middle of her throat. It wasn’t painful at all, but there was no denying the fact that it was growing, and so Ms Esmay (as I prefer to call her) was advised to seek medical attention.A beaming Ms Esmay BahadorShe hadn’t noticed it before herself, but she certainly became very concerned when she did.And she had good reason to be, since medical experts have over the years been able to deduce that lumps in the vicinity of the throat/neck are common with many Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Disorders.  More terrifying is the fact that such lumps can be caused not only by bacterial or viral infections but malignant cancer and even more rare conditions.But Ms Esmay was not prepared to either speculate what the lump could be or allow its continued presence on her anatomy.  She just wasn’t meant to bear the burden of such a complication and so she decided to seek medical attention.However, before doing so she remembered being in the bathroom one day and suddenly a familiar song came to her.“I was just sitting in the washroom when a song came to me, ‘I am the God that healeth thee’, and I somehow knew that that was confirmation that everything was going to be alright.”As a young girl she remembered growing up with her mother in Sisters Village on the West Bank of Demerara. Her father had died while she was still very young leaving her mother to raise 10 children.Ms Esmay, who was the youngest of the lot, recalled that her mother was a very prayerful woman who never prevented her from attending Sunday School regularly. And so by the time she was an adult,Cheap Air Max 90 China, with a family of her own, prayers had become a natural part of her life. So it was prayers she immediately embraced upon discovering the lump on her throat. She also thankfully took solace in the song that kept lingering in her head as well.However, she decided to heed her relatives’ advice to visit a doctor. But before heading to the doctor she remembered quietly saying “Lord please take me to the right doctor.”At the Georgetown Public Hospital, a female doctor who was attending to Ms Esmay asked what had brought her there. And as soon as she responded by displaying the lump, the doctor started to feverishly write on a piece of paper.However, by the time the doctor decided to hand over the piece of paper she had written on to Ms Esmay she suddenly pulled it back and began asking a series of questions.“She just said ‘Wait! I’m going to ask you some questions…Is the lump hurting? Is your hair falling out? Are you reducing (in size)?’ Of course I said no to all of her questions,” Ms Esmay said.This, however, prompted the doctor to calmly tear to pieces the paper she was writing on and toss it into a bin before informing “when you get those symptoms then come back to me.”The response from the doctor came as no surprise to Ms Esmay as she was convinced that whatever had caused the lump was already being dealt with.“When I went home I just applied olive oil to that lump and I said ‘Lord by your stripes I am healed’ and I believed by faith that God is my healer.”Although she continued to pray from that day she simply stopped examining the growth of the lump and so did not observe it had disappeared until another relative brought it to her attention. To her surprise there was not a single trace of the lump.“It could’ve happened in a day, a week or a month…I simply forgot about it and it vanished,Wholesale Shoes Online,” disclosed an elated Ms Esmay who is convinced that “My God the Healer had performed a miracle for me.”“It is amazing what God can do for us if we just believe…I had no idea what that lump was but I am thankful that I no longer have it.”Yet another health challenge in her life was certainly not going to daunt her grateful attitude, as according to Ms Esmay “there isn’t anything too hard for God to do.”She recalls haemorrhaging over a period of time, a situation that was perhaps linked to menopause. However, the condition just was not subsiding even with several injections from doctors.Recognising that there was no way that she could live a healthy life in such a condition,Cheap Sneakers From China Free Shipping, Ms Esmay was told to seek the attention of a Gynaecologist. And as always her prayers were for the doctor to give her a favourable report.A pap smear was recommended. The test is one used to detect pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the female reproductive system. And it was during that procedure, Ms Esmay recalled, that the doctor discovered something described as “very hard” which was removed from her cervix and sent to a laboratory for further examination. Though the discovery was worrisome, the report from the lab was that there was nothing cancerous about the particle and neither did the smear reveal anything cancerous.And as fate would have it from that day onward, Ms Esmay’s haemorrhaging condition came to a halt, a state of affairs that has affirmed her conviction that “there is nothing too hard for God to fix.”She today is advocating for persons to “only believe” so that they too can receive healing.

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