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On Friday two ‘night butterflies’ appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and were placed on bail for robbing an American citizen.  Appearing before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, were Jeane’ Trotman, a 26-year-old single mother who resides at 128 Friendship,[url=]Cheap NHL Jerseys[/url], East Coast Demerara,[url=][/url], and Yvonna Watts,[url=]Blake Swihart Jersey[/url], 22, also a single mother from Pike Street Dam, Sophia.Jeane’ TrotmanYvonna WattsThey denied the charge levelled against them.On January 5,[url=]Alexander Mogilny Jersey[/url], last, at Hadfield Street,[url=]Pat Tillman Cardinals Jersey[/url], while in the company of others they allegedly robbed Harold Stiffle of one Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone and one wrist watch all valuing $95,000.Both women were each placed on $15,000 bail and were ordered to return to court on January 22.Police Prosecutor, Deniro Jones, made no objections to the women being granted pre-trail liberty. Jones told the court that on the same day in question, Stiffle was on Hadfield Street,[url=][/url], when the women approached him and asked if he wanted sexual favours. He refused their requests and was robbed. He then subsequently made a report at the Brickdam Police Station.Police the next day, went to the location mentioned in the charge and arrested the women.The Prosecutor further said that the complainant is an American citizen who currently resides in Guyana.Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat represented the women and told the court that both of his clients are ‘night butterflies’ and the victim, a customer, was just making an allegation. He also asked the Magistrate for bail to be granted in a reasonable sum since his clients have children to support.Trotman and Watts were placed on a bond to keep the peace until the completion of the matter.

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