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E-Networks is giving back to its customers by way of three promotions. At a simple ceremony, yesterday, the company awarded three customers with prizes they won at the GuyExpo promotion and another customer that won the ongoing customers promotion, which is a weekly one.In the GuyExpo promotion,[url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url], Petal Babb won for herself a 42-inch Sharp LCD television and Hyacinth Jeremiah and Andre Messiah each won one 50 CC motor scooter.General Manager of E-Networks, Maurice Robello,[url=]NFL Jerseys Wholesale[/url], said that these persons were selected from the GuyExpo Promotion,[url=]Discount NFL Jerseys[/url], which allowed them to start subscribing with the company and also put them in a position to win something tangible.Robello said that at the GuyExpo promotion his company successfully attracted 60 additional customers.Additionally, the company will be presenting a winner,[url=]mlb jerseys china[/url], for the next 13 weeks,[url=]Cheap China Jerseys[/url], with a mini laptop. He said all that is needed for persons to enter the draw is being a subscriber between October 1and 6 as well as being a customer anytime before that period.E-Networks is a Multi Channel Digital Television Service provider that offers 31 channels to which customers can subscribe.According to Robello the instillation fee is $15,500 with a monthly subscription of $5000. He said that the company is hoping to increase these channels to forty-six with no additional cost.According to him,[url=]Jerseys From China[/url], this is a way of giving back to its customers and at the same time attracting more persons to come onboard with the company.“As we grow we are trying to add content and at the same time bringing down the subscription price.”E-Networks has over 1600 customers across the country and offers a variety of channels. The company has been in existence for the past five years.

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